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Developing Innovative Verification and Debug Methodologies Using Synopsys VC Apps

Rich Chang - Synopsys, Inc.
Jack Yen - Synopsys, Inc.
Rich Chang - Synopsys, Inc.
The complexity of SoC design and verification environments is growing dramatically. Multiple EDA tools with different use models are used by design and verification engineers daily. Each of the tool serves different purposes in the overall design flow. Companies invest significant resources to establish tool flows to manage the flow of information between these tools, and customized methodologies to achieve design goals. 

Development of effective and efficient methodologies is enabled by the provision of convenient hooks in EDA tools for easy access to information. Verdi, the industry’s best-in-class SoC debug solution offers a fully extensible platform for SoC teams and third-party EDA vendors to develop innovative debug capabilities to address this growing challenge in the industry. Synopsys VC Apps is a programming interface that provides access to a wide array of design and simulation information. 

It allows SoC teams to access information from Verdi’s databases and Verdi’s analysis engines for design analysis and validation of design rules. SoC teams can further maximize the effectiveness of Verdi deployment with custom automation programs that leverage the underlying design knowledge infrastructure for data mining and design manipulation applications. 

Additionally, EDA vendors can ensure interoperability with their tools and feed information into Verdi to leverage its debug capabilities. Ready to use apps in Verdi’s installation package offer solutions to common tasks while the APIs allow users to develop custom flows and checks on designs and simulation results based on Verdi’s KDB and FSDB databases. 

In this tutorial we will: 

• Provide an introduction to VC Apps 

• Explain the resources available in VC Apps 

• Introduce VC Apps data models 

• Walk step-by-step through the VC Apps programming flow 

• VC Apps example demo 

• Present a case study

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